Private Wine Tours

There’s a fleet of vehicles that you can choose to take you to your winery destinations. Depending on your lifestyle, your taste and standards, or the number of people who will be going with you, you can opt for a sedan, SUV, van, a stretch limo, or even a luxury car for a whole lot of fun and excitement. To obtain superb comfort, however, when going to and fro your destination, make sure to choose a trusted car transfer service like Prestige Chauffeurs. This Sydney-based company offers high-quality transfer services no matter what your event will be and where you will be going to. And whether you opt for small type of vehicle to a limo, the chauffeur service of this company guarantees to provide you with punctuality, safety and comfort that suits your needs.

Available in cities:


AUD$ 160

(just AUD$ 21.00 per pax)

Sold by Australian Hire Car & Limousine Network

Pricing Options

Pricing Options

Holden Caprice

Base fare: AUD$ 159.55, surcharges: AUD$ 0.00

AUD$ 159.55 (4 pax)

from AUD$ 39.89 per pax


Base fare: AUD$ 234.55, surcharges: AUD$ 0.00

: included

AUD$ 234.55 (4 pax)

from AUD$ 58.64 per pax

Audi Q7 Sport

Base fare: AUD$ 219.55, surcharges: AUD$ 0.00

: included

AUD$ 219.55 (6 pax)

from AUD$ 36.59 per pax


Base fare: AUD$ 711.72, surcharges: AUD$ 0.00

: included

AUD$ 711.72 (8 pax)

from AUD$ 88.97 per pax


Base fare: AUD$ 273.00, surcharges: AUD$ 0.00

AUD$ 273.00 (13 pax)

from AUD$ 21.00 per pax