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Stylish Transportation for Your Wedding

One of the many details you should not overlook is transportation to and from your wedding and reception venues. Arriving and leaving your wedding and reception in a beautiful limousine for hire is a wonderful way to make your special day even more special.

When you hire a limousine like those from Executive Transfers, you take the stress away from arriving and leaving your wedding venue. By hiring a limousine to also transport your entire wedding party, you help ensure that every member will be on time to the services. Executive Transfers can help keep your wedding party on schedule, which relieves your stress as a bride. And, having your wedding party picked up by one of Executive Transfers’ beautiful cars makes each one of your attendants feel extra special. They’re sure to appreciate the luxury and pampering you’ve given them by seeing to their transportation needs.

Riding in a limousine is a wonderful way to spend your day as a bride. It gives you a bit of extra time to reflect and enjoy your special moments even more. Many meaningful conversations are had by fathers and daughters on their ride to the church and by newlywed couples leaving their ceremony. These heartfelt conversations are even more memorable when they’re held in a beautiful and comfortable limo. Your limo driver will even be happy to give you a nice drive through Brisbane’s beautiful city center for a few extra minutes of quiet time on your way to your destination.

Budget is always a concern for today’s brides and grooms. But, limousines for hire can actually be much more cost effective than you might imagine. And, with the benefit they provide in terms of scheduling, elegance and organization, their services always pay for themselves in the long run. Work with one of Executive Transfer’s professional consultants to help you create the perfect transportation package that meets the needs and the budget of your wedding day.

Regardless of where in Brisbane your wedding is taking place, you can count on Executive Transfers to ensure that you and your wedding party will arrive in comfort and style.

Available in cities:


AUD$ 1,920

(just AUD$ 480.00 per pax)

Sold by Brisbane Executive Transfer

Pricing Options

Pricing Options

Mercedes E Class

Base fare: AUD$ 1,920.00, surcharges: AUD$ 0.00

AUD$ 1920.00 (4 pax)

from AUD$ 480.00 per pax