Wedding Packages w/ end of evening return for the Bride & Groom

We also know that it´s the one day that a bride is also a princess. Which is why we spoil them! Our limos are definitely romantic - perhaps  that´s why we´ve had some clients pop the question in them....and why it's always "yes!"

 We´ll help you plan your wedding transportation to ensure that it goes smoothly. Our  vehicle has been designed with the brides in mind. The Limousine is equipped with  large  double opening doors for easy access away from the tyres. There is plenty of head room for the taller Grooms. Are you working to a budget for the wedding? How about using the same limousine to drop off the boys at the ceremony first then have the limousine return for the girls to save on transport cost. Being owner operated we may pre drive the Wedding locations before the big day to eliminate any confusion.  

 * We are experienced staff and are here to give you peace of mind .
 * Off peak weddings receive discounts.
 * We have an emergency bridal kit available (with sewing kit)
 * We are happy to accommodate any special needs.
* 5 Umbrellas and a first aid kit are carried in the vehicle for emergencies.
* There are 12 crystal wine glasses in there rear.
* Aux stereo plug to play your own music.
* A 60 litre Eski with ice in the boot. To keep your refreshments cool.
* Wedding photo's of the limousine will not date and look amazing.

Available in cities:


AUD$ 1,000

(just AUD$ 90.91 per pax)

Sold by Perth Quality Limousines

Pricing Options

Pricing Options

1928 A model Ford

Base fare: AUD$ 1,000.00, surcharges: AUD$ 0.00

AUD$ 1000.00 (11 pax)

from AUD$ 90.91 per pax